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Meaningful impact

The challenges of our ages must lead to dramatic adjustments to the way we do business in our industry. 

Our approach combines the circular economy and sustainable finance necessities, operationalizes the EU taxonomy norms and combines these with the strengths of a best in class real estate company design. 

Seamless, functional, yet compliant and resilient. 

Our commitment is to help our clients making a positive impact - as part of their real estate management - on their assets, affected communities, their people and ultimately the environment as a whole. 

Good things in life come never free or easy, especially in this segment. But hard work makes them true - and hard work is a defining element of us. We’ll deliver it. Together. 

Let’s make it happen.


Reinventing your digital self

Given an entirely internationalized real estate industry, involving some of the most complex structural setups, transparency, efficiency, and effectivity of real estate businesses are game changing aspects. Digitization challenges traditional real estate business models, thus offers tremendous potential, especially in combination with ESG challenges, which we strive to unlock with every aspect of our work.

Don’t believe changes are limited to the “isle of IT”. The overdue adjustments necessary fuel organizational change.  

Moreover, without a clear corporate development roadmap, most digitization projects will, if at all, be of limited success.

It comes down to a simple formula: Holistic management design to raise every bit of value wherever it hides – that’s what it’s about, that's what we do.



Changing Mindsets 

Daily operations of too many real estate managers have never been properly structured or adjusted over time. "Same old, same old" is a concept which will - given the increasing complexity of modern age real estate business - fail you. That is why R3AL was founded. 

Helping client to (re-)think their entire setup,  adjust, modify or reinvent their way of doing business to meet the expectations and needs of a globalized, sustainable, digital real estate world. As “IT speaking” real estate operations experts with combined experience of over four decades in real estate, asset, property and real estate IT management it is our passion to transform venerable value chain structures to help straight-lining your business, unburdening it from dead weight and increasing your capabilities to grow and prosper a successful business, ready for 21st century challenges.


What you see is what you get

Holistic real estate management and structures are the core of our creation. Through clearly visible responsibilities, 

With our guidance our clients establish guidelines, documentation and controls  that set them apart by being fully in control of what happens at any time. 

 Nevertheless, structures are only as good as they are tailor-made for the people and companies they serve. Therefore, we pay attention to the strategic and operational fit of each project, focusing on the client's respective reality and thus supporting the expansion of its market strengths.

That's why we uphold highest standards to ourselves to assure you an unprecedented commitment to your success. We will present you with facts, solutions, visions an their operationalization – unembellished, to make you better and more successful every day.

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